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Christian Insight Meditation

Resources for Ecumenical Spirituality is a non-profit corporation established to foster mutual understanding among religious faiths through shared spiritual practice and dialogue.


RES sponsors retreats, conversation, workshops, publications, meditation classes, and other projects related to spiritual practice and study.

 Major retreat offerings: 

  • Buddhist-Christian Insight Meditation

  • 12-step Program Insight Meditation

  • Loving-kindness (Metta)

Classes in Mindfulness and Loving Kindness Practice 
Classes are available to groups by request and as regularly scheduled events in selected locations.
Spiritual guidance
Spiritual guidance and help with meditation is available by inquiring at


Mary Jo Meadow

RES Main Office

PO Box 85

Forest Lake MN 55025-0085

Phone: 651-464-7489

You can use this button to take out a $25 RES annual membership or to pay for books or recordings. Please pay at and send an email to every time you use this PayPal button, saying how much you are sending and what it is for.

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