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RES is a non-profit corporation established to foster mutual understanding among religious faiths through shared spiritual practice and dialogue. RES sponsors retreats, conversation, workshops, publications, meditation classes, meditation sitting groups, and other projects related to spiritual practice and study. Spiritual guidance and help with meditation is available by inquiring at our help address:

Our major retreat offerings are Buddhist-Christian insight meditation retreats and 12-step program insight meditation retreats. We also offer simple dhamma and loving-kindness retreats. Contact RES to arrange a retreat in your area. Our meditation classes are available for groups on request, and are also regularly scheduled as public service events. We offer general classes, and classes for pain and stress management and other issues.  


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Service Opportunities with RES


We badly need someone with fund-raising skills as money is a very important issue for us. It would help if each of you would take membership (see next page) or send any donation at all. But we still need a fundraiser as voluntary dues help with small expenses, but not larger promotional ones..



Our second big need at this time is someone who understands promotion and effective advertising. So far our advertising efforts do not pay for themselves, so something is being done wrong. There are people who want to know about us; some occasionally find us and wonder why we were so hard to locate.


Sponsorship of Retreats

If you know of a venue that would like to sponsor our retreats, or if you would like to organize one yourself, that would be very helpful. RES will present retreats organized by others who invite us to teach; this has worked well in Scotland, Australia, and Canada.

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