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List of Recordings for Purchase



ELECTRONIC Sending Of Recordings

  • $6 for first recording.

  • $4 for any further recordings.

CD Shipping of Recordings

Same cost per recording and;

  • $3 added cost for each CD needed to complete order.

  • Shipping cost will be above recording & CD cost based on ship to location.

Colm Stone

Witness to Power of Gods Love 1

Witness to Power of Gods Love 2

Raise You Up On Eagles Wings

Metta: Something for You

Finding Christ In Present Experience

Reflections On Our Lack Of Freedom

Spiritual Growth Experience of Darkness


Daniel Chowning


Hope and Healing of Memory

Contemplation as a Process of Healing

How Lovingly You Waken My Heart

Our Greatest Need Is Silent Love

Putting Our House To Rest

Sum of Perfection

Silence Our Greatest Need

Way of Right Speech and Silence

John of the Cross and Buddha

In The Evening You Will Be Examined In Love

Meditation As Healing

New Wine Old Wine New Lovers

Freedom of the Heart

Free To Love Negation In JOTC

Praying On The Dung Heap

Putting Our House To Rest

Created For Love

Healing Path of Contemplation

Sickening Of The Soul

Kevin Culligan

Gethsemane Incomplete

Crucifixion and Descipleship


God According to John of the Cross

Human Person According John of the Cross

Contemplation According S John of the Cross

Wisdom of Emptiness

Emotions and Desire Hindrance or Help

Following Christ Example of John of the Cross

Open to the Holy Spirit

God Alone

Passive Purification

St John and Jesus

Mark Develis

Negation in John of the Cross

Trusting the Process

Prayer Path Transformation In to God

Mary Jo Meadow

Active Purgation Arising and Passing



Attachment and Renunciation

Basics of Meditation

Becoming Nothing Becoming Everything

Blessed Purgatory Purification to See God

Body and Life Our Sensual Self

Compassion and Forgiveness

Conditioned Reality


Earthly Happiness

Emptiness and Fullness

Emptiness Nothingness

Enlightenment and Prayer

Equanimity And Faith Unconditional Acceptance And Trust

Essence of Dhamma In dwelling Spirit

Freedom from Obsession Delight of Mind

Gifts of Spirit Buddhist Saints

Healing and Dying Coming to Wholeness

Heavenly Mindstates

Intellect Faith and Mindfulness

John of the Cross and the Buddha

Letting Go Renunciation

Living In A Brutal World

Loving Attention to God the Way of Awareness Meditation

Memory Hope and Concentration


Metta and Agape

Night of Sense Early Insight 1

Night of Sense Early Insight 2

Night of Spirit Advanced Insight

No Boundary Overcoming Separation

No Part Left Out

Our Spiritual Nature

Our Ultimate Nature

Passing On Suffering

Right Mind set and Its Enemies

Saintly Mind

Seeing Our Darker Side Torments of the Mind

Spiritual Realism

Suffering of Selfhood Root of Misery

Supports for Meditative Life


The First Three Steps

The Maintenance Steps

The Middle Steps

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Torments of the Mind

Unconditioned Reality

Understanding Love

Visiting Heaven And Hell

Ways to Meditate

Will Love and Diligence

Ray Tetrault

Purification before Union



Rebecca Bradford

Paramis and Fruits of spirit

Understanding suffering first noble truths

Embracing peace final noble truths

Sue Lamie

Metta Chant

Sue Mickel



Love and Will

Memory and Hope

Tom Arndt

Wings of Buddhism - Compassion

Wings of Buddhism - Wisdom





Four noble truths - Part 2

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