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Silence and Awareness 2016
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A Retreat Experience in Christian Insight Meditation
April 8-17, 2016
FJC Christian Life Centre, Calgary Alberta Canada
For registration information contact
Mary Jo Meadow OCDS
June17-26, 2016
Benedictine Center, St. Paul, MN                        map                            REGISTRATION Information & Form
Mary Jo Meadow OCDS                 
August 20-28, 2016
St. Lawrence Friary, Beacon, NY                         map                           REGISTRATION Information & Form 
Mary Jo Meadow OCDS                               Fr. Raymond Tetrault                      
The S & A Retreat Develops
  • Knowledge of the teachings of Christian Mystics, especially St. John of the Cross
  • Skill in Insight (Vipassana) Meditation Practice
  • The abilty to manage intense experience
  • Enhanced skills for Daily Living
Vipassana enables participants to empty themselves of roles, voluntary experiences, and other “trappings” of ordinary daily life to be available to God. It helps meditators to be receptive to the purification and self-knowledge that mystics taught as necessary for spiritual growth—and eventually enables practioners to “see” God.
No previous meditation experience needed to attend. Practitioners of many traditions find this practice helpful to deepen self-knowledge and spiritual growth. 
Retreat details
Each day offers:
  • Two Meditation Instruction sessions
  • Group Sitting Meditation
  • Walking Practice 
  • An integrative conference
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Eucharist (daily in Calgary and in Rhode Island, Sunday only in Minnesota)
  • Communal Reconciliation (final Saturday only)

Individual interviews with retreat staff are available daily to clarify meditation instructions or to offer consultation, reconciliation, and guidance.

Retreatants do not interact during the retreat to foster deep stillness and awareness.  
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