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RES offers several retreats.  All are inspired by the teachings of Carmelite Mystic St. John of the Cross.  The retreats integrate Theravadan Buddhist Insight Meditation (Vipassana) techniques with St. John's teachings as a way to a paractice in contemplative prayer.   Each retreat described below bring a different focus to attaining the goal.
Silence and Awareness: Christian Insight Meditation 

This retreat teaches Theravadan insight meditation as a method for the spiritual teachings of Spanish Carmelite mystic St. John of the Cross. The retreat features talks integrating Buddhist teaching with those of St. John, daily Eucharist, a few Q&A sessions, and a closing Reconciliation service. It is our most popular offering and has frequently run a waiting list.


Stillness and Knowing: Insight Meditation for Christians 

Talks in this retreat make general connections between Buddhist and Christian teachings. Eucharist is offered when available. This retreat is a good introduction to the practice for new Christian meditators and for meditators’ Christian friends who have questions about their insight meditation practice.


Serenity and Insight: Insight Meditation for 12-Steppers  

This retreat teaches insight meditation as a method for the 11th step of 12-step recovery programs. Retreats feature 12-step meetings led by a 12-stepper and teacher’s talks showing how insight meditation will support working one’s 12-step program regarding each of the steps.


Tranquility and Alertness: Insight Meditation for Everyday Life

This retreat simply teaches Buddhist insight meditation with no special theme. Talks show how the teachings help one apply meditation to daily life and manage life more simply, freely, and fully according to its principles.


Freedom and Wholeness: How Insight Meditation Heals

This retreat teaches insight meditation, emphasizing its great healing power. The talks discuss healing of body, emotions, mind, and spirit.



This one day retrreat is offered as a preface to our longer retreats.  Metta practice is a form of meditation done alongside insight (vipassana or mindfulness) practice. It helps develop a loving heart, corrects poor self-esteem, and improves relationships. It also helps develop stable concentration, which is essential for successful mindfulness practice.